Do your medications have a brand name?

In our list of goods all medications are generic.

What are “generic medications”? What is the difference between a brand name medicine and a generic one?

They differ in name, color, shape. They also have different prices. Brand-name drugs have the name of the brand, and the generic medications usually get their names of its active ingredient. But the producer cannot have the patent for the certain chemical agent, so the producer of the generic medications can produce the so-called “generics”. As they are equal chemically, they have the same active ingredient, so they cause the same medical effect. You get the same result, but pay less for the medications. Of course, you get the intended result only by following all the instructions of your health care provider.

Why are the prices for generic medicines so low?

Research, development, advertising – this is the large part of the costs, incurred by producers of brand-name medications. There are no such needs for generic drugs. In the U.S. the expense of obtaining FDA approval is enormous. Producers of the generic medications don’t need to recover these costs. Therefore, there is huge cost savings.

Your pills do not look like the brand name medication. The pills I have received have a different name printed on them. Why?

As it was said – the producer cannot have the patent for the certain chemical agent. So the generics can contain the same active ingredients as the brand-name drugs. But names, shape and color of medications are always patented and should be considered as the intellectual property. A producer, producing generic medications will be accused of the copyright infringement for using the name and the shape of the brand drugs. That’s the reason why generic pills have different look, they are of a different color and shape, as compared with brand-name drugs.

What about the quality? How can I be sure in the quality of the pills you offer?

High quality of the products, that we produce, is the task of our primary concern. We follow very simple logic: the better quality of our products is, the more customers we get. That’s why we are very selective and attentive in choosing of the supplier, the quality of products is thoroughly checked. The documentation is attentively checked, as well. The medications are produced in India by an Indian state licensed, Indian FDA approved company.

What about the shelf life of the medications?

Each blister has the expiry date. The expiry date for different batches is different. The shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture. It would differ from batch to batch depending on when they were produced.

What is the difference between 50mg Viagra tabs and 100mg tabs?

We offer generic Viagra in 50mg and 100mg tabs. These are fixed dosages of the active ingredient Sildenafil: so, a 50mg Viagra pill contains 50 mg of Sildenafil and a 100mg Viagra pill contains 100mg of Sildenafil concentrate. A 50mg pill is the standard dose for achieving the effect. But Sildenafil effects differently on different people, that’s why we recommend to start with 25mg (split a 50mg pill in two and take one half only) to check if this is enough for you. If it’s not enough – take the whole 50mg pill.

How to Order

Should I have a prescription to order from you?

A valid prescription is required for some products, available in our pharmacy. Also you will be asked by our customer support representative to send the prescription after you complete the order, if the law of your country or territory requires you to obtain prescription for any of the products which you plan to purchase.

You need to be informed, that we require only a valid prescription for your order. Please be advised, that if you don’t give us a valid prescription within a three-day period, your order won’t be processed.

Before the ordering, we strongly recommend you to consult your physician for you to be sure, that you need exactly this medicine that you’re about to order.

What should I do to order from you?

NOTE: Only the orders, which are placed on the website, will be accepted. We do not accept orders by e-mail messaging or over the phone.

To make an order on our site, you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Click “Buy now” button to choose the product you want to order
  2. Choose the amount of product you wish to buy
  3. Click “Checkout”
  4. Fill in the order information, which is required
  5. Check all the fields, product amount and press the “Submit transaction” button
  6. You’ll see the notification on the screen, if the order is accepted. You’ll get the the order confirmation message on the email address you specified. If you don’t receive this message within 10 minutes, inform us and we’ll resend it. This message is very important.

What payment methods do you have?

We can offer the following payment method:

  • Payment by a credit card

When will you actually post the charge?

The order procedure is made by the following steps:

  1. You fill in the form at checkout page on the website, then press the “Submit” button. This information moves to our processing centre, where it is checked. So your card is charged.
  2. When the payment is authorized, your order is accepted and processed.

Is it secure to give my credit card information at your site?

We take reasonable steps to protect your information because we take the security of our customers seriously. You are redirected to the secure order page for submitting the order. You can easily check the security of the page: on the bottom of most browsers window you can see an icon, resembling a padlock. This icon shows, that the information you fill in the form is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted, while transmitting to our credit card processing company. Moreover, our servers are checked daily for any security risks by reputable companies such as McAfee and Web Safe.

Do you have any discount system?

Yes, we do.


Do you ship to my area?

We ship the orders to almost all countries of the world, except some countries in Asia.

Where the pills are sent from?

As medications are produced in India, so the orders are sent out from India.

What packages do you use? Will I have to sign for the shipment?

We send you your order in a discreet envelope, which will be left in your mail box. In the case if the order is sent by Standard Mail, you won’t have to sign for it.

Will my order be shipped the same day I purchase?

Our products are in stock for immediate delivery. But first, we need to check your order to be sure, that the shipping information is correct. After this the ordered product is packed and only then we send it to you. It takes about 1-2 days.

What are the shipping methods? When can I expect the delivery?

If you specify a mail forwarding address (f.e. General delivery, PO box, UPS store, Poste restante, APO/FPO), hotel or educational facility in your shipping address, if you give the wrong telephone number, we won’t be able to send your order by Express International Mail.

You should know, that time of delivery showed here is the exemplary delivery time, which is almost always true, but it cannot be guaranteed due to the probability of force majeure events described below.

Please, keep in mind, that we are not liable for extended delays due to the customs inspections of international mail.

The delays in deliveries due to mail disruptions caused by Christmas and New Year celebration, natural disasters, strikes and other events which disrupt mailing process are beyond our control. Thus, we also shall not be liable for these delays.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs may change. It depends on the shipping variant you choose, country of destination, and the amount of products you order. If you want to find out the shipping cost, you need to add desired products to shopping cart, and proceed to checkout.

Can my order be delayed at customs?

You’ll be informed, If this happens. They ask you to come, because they need to get a permission to check the parcel. After this checking you should get your order. If you have any problems with getting your order, please let us know and we will try to resolve the problem.

What if the package is damaged or something is missing?

If this happens, you should contact our support team and notify of the problem. In such cases we will resend the order or refund your payment. For more information you can check our Policies.

In the case if your order consists of 90 pills or more, you need to note, that your order will be sent in several packages.

How much will I have to pay if you reship the product?

The order will be re-shipped for free. There won’t be any additional charges.

Managing Orders

How can I check the status of my order?

To check the status of your order, you should contact our support team.

If your order was sent by an Express International Mail, you can check the tracking number on the same page.

I need to cancel the order. What should I do?

Please, refer to our Reimbursements and Returns Policy.

Business Opportunities

If I want to become your supplier and offer new products, what should I do?

We will be happy to consider your suggestions. Please, send us the details to our e-mail address. Keep in mind, please, that the products you suggest should come with the quality certificates and should match with the quality requirements.